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About Us

Welcome to New Sunrise, Australia's Best Buying and Promotional Group for Independent and Small Businesses.

New Sunrise provides independent retailer operators with a world-class retail system, driving profitability & improving store standards. Our program integrates and coordinates the promotional, operational, and merchandising activities between retailers and manufacturers.

New Sunrise is the fastest-growing national independent convenience retailer in Australia, with over 1,100 member stores nationwide, and has been rated the best national independent buying group. 

Our Passion

We believe in small business and the important role in plays in the Australian market on many levels. We also understand that small business does not have the time, resources and in some cases expertise to pull together a buying, merchandising, operational and promotional program. This is what we do for you so you can concentrate on building a great customer experience.

Our Experience

We are a nationwide buying and promotional group and we operate in every state and territory in Australia. Established in 1998 we have developed an unrivalled understanding of the Australian independent and small business landscape and the challenges we face.

Our core Mission

Is to deliver continuous improvements for our members. Not just in terms of commercially advantageous supplier deals, but also in supporting them to become stronger businesses by helping them to develop their people and operational capabilities.

Our focus

Is on putting members at the centre of everything we do, ensuring our membership enjoy the best competitive deals, have reliable and robust business support and a strong voice!

Our Relationships

Our relationships over the last twenty years. New Sunrise has established key working relationships with all major manufactures and suppliers. The support of these organisations is key to enabling us to continue developing our offer for our members.

Our Results speak for themselves

The team at New Sunrise are committed to our member’s continued success and future growth and we are happy for you to talk to any member or take you through real case studies.

New Sunrise - Independent Retail Store/Retail System

How we support you

New Sunrise provides Independent Retail Operators with a world class Retail System that brings together the Independents and drives profitability by integrating and coordinating the promotional, operational and merchandising activities between retailers and manufacturers.

New Sunrise - Our People

Our People

Our dedicated and experienced team is here to help. Talk to us today about how we can help you grow your business and get the most out of the New Sunrise Program.

Call us for a free buying health check

Discover how New Sunrise can assist you with all facets of your business to drive Business Performance.