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In Focus

What's New

What's New

Buy Better – Sell Smarter – Bank More

New Sunrise - Nationwide Buying and Marketing Group for independent C-Stores and Food Service

better buying

Better Buying Power

Food, Beverage, Snacking, Non Food, Equipment and Services

Merchandising and marketing experts working to provide you with volume pricing and promotional advantages enjoyed by the national chains.

We have more discounts and promotional allowances from more suppliers across more categories. 

More transparent rebates in an easy to follow rebate program.

better selling

Better Selling Power

Merchandising & Promotion Advantage

Buying is only part of the solution. Our promotional and merchandising program is designed to increase sales as well as build loyalty between you and your customers. 

Fully structured high profile events, impressive ads featuring creative themes, and advanced production techniques on par with the national chains at no cost to you.

better retail

Better Retail Support

Our people and Experience are the difference

Better support to help you develop your store and people, manage your inventory and capture your profit.

We take a total retailing approach. We have developed a set of tools, structures and process which are equal to the national chains.

Retail buying groups Australia

New Sunrise Helps Small Businesses Through Group Buying

Retailing is a booming business, and no one understands this better than New Sunrise. We're a retail buying group that helps unlock a store's potential. Our buying group gives you all of the tools to help you compete in this dynamic and competitive market. With great buying power and strong relationships from all major suppliers, helping both the convenience and food service markets.

Our strong and planned tactical in store promotional activity supported with eye catching point of sale will create in-store excitement and drive impulse sales.

We can also help you to streamline your operation. We can help you manage your inventory with best sellers to ensure we optimise the return on your retail space and working capital.

We have a world-class retail system in place that we introduce to our clients that help to maximise their retail space's profitability. Additionally, our group buying in Australia sets our clients up for opportunities they wouldn't have had previously like our promotional program!

Our convenience buying program coordinates and integrates operational, promotional and merchandising activities between the retailers and their product manufacturers. In turn, this lays the foundation for solid sales, a broad range of products and huge savings across the board. Our promise to you is to help you buy better, sell smarter and bank more!

New Sunrise Excels at Convenience Buying and Food Service Buying

We understand how important it is to partner with a competent and professional buying group, it is important to us that our small clients know they can always rely on us. We bring years of experience and processes to each small business we work with. We deliver exceptional discounts and rebates from all major suppliers, and also deliver a strategic and exciting promotional program which is flexible and adaptable. This will help build in store excitement helping to create exciting deals and boost customer satisfaction.

We have a host of programs available to help our clients keep up with the latest trends, new equipment and new products. No matter if you have a few employees or a large team of staff, we're the convenience and foodservice buying group that can help your business achieve its potential.

We're experts at reducing the time our clients spend dealing with suppliers trying to organise deals, and we're happy to act as a buffer that frees up your time. This way, you can concentrate more on running your day to day operations.

We've built a strong reputation for group buying throughout Australia, and our clients know they'll get quality every time they deal with our staff. With our promotional and marketing campaigns, we've built a portfolio of satisfied clients all over Australia.

Contact New Sunrise for Quality Retail Buying Groups Today!

If you're looking for a full Convenience promotional program, retailing operational tools, food or just service buying groups, look no further than our company. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about convenience buying, all you need to do is reach out today!

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