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ACAPMA COVID-19 | AS AT 29/06/2021

Hi All,


Attached is the lasted coved update from ACAPMA broken down by state. Naturally, every state Premier has a different GOLD standard, so please take the time to understand your states heath orders.   


Given that most states are in lockdown or are likely going into lockdown, we feel it’s prudent at this time to review your COVID Safety Plan.


At the beginning we were all vigilant to ensure we provided a safe environment for our customers and team, in fact, I believe the independent retailers lead the way. I can say that the overall result, in most stores who did this well, was staff retention and increased store sales. However, I sense some complacency may have crept in since the initial lockdown and we may be at risk of undoing the great work we have done to date.  


Covid will be with us for a long time, it has affected the way we all think about shopping and interacting with each other. My advice is to make it crystal clear in your store that you care and want your store to be known as the safest place to shop and to work.


Remember the three major changes in customer behavior caused by COVID.  

  1. Clean – people demand clean because Clean = Safe   
  2. Close – people do not want to travel far and want to avoid crowds because Close = Safe
  3. Frugal – people are being more careful with their money and are seeking out value.


You are required to have a site specific Covid 19 Safety Plan, attached is a template produced by ACAPMA. This is a requirement under the Work Health and Safety laws.

Also we have attached a number of ACAPMA poster you can display in store


A few tips to stay Covid Safe

  1.  Add extra measures

Don’t just do the minimum…Stand out has the cleanest and the safest place to shop and work...GO THE EXTRA MILE. The attached is a template of a covid safety plan and you can deleted or add parts of the plan to make it site specific. For example, you may have implemented extra measures such as,  a “loop Store” one way traffic, Sneeze guards, Temperature Checking of staff, A & B Shifts, Placement of sanitisation stations.     


  1. Training – Update all staff

All staff should be trained about Corvid-19 and understand their responsibilities. Training is FREE and it takes about ½ an hour to compete. The staff member will receive a certificate at the end which can be displayed in store.


  1. Refresh Covid Communication Posters

It might be time to refresh the floor decals, window posters etc. if you need more they can be found on our website in the members sections under Covid 19, or you can order them on the New Sunrise website under the ORDER tab and we will send them out to you.


If you have any specific question your COVID requirements, Elisha from ACAPMA is always available to assist.  All members , especially the new stores that have come on over the last 12 months no not hesitate to call us if you need help.


Please take the time to read the communication below.  


Wishing you all the best,



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