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ACAPMA COVID-19 Roundup | as at 06:15 18/07/2021

Good Moring All in NSW,  Below is ACAPMs round up for NSW sent out this morning


There were some late changes to the Health orders last night late last night.


Your Staff that  may live in a hotspot LGS where there highest restrictions  have be clarified as an essential worker and  can go to work.

    • Authorised Worker
      • Fuel Wholesale (transport) workers are Authorised Workers (type 33) while Fuel Retail (service station) workers are Authorised Workers (type 1 as per Clause 24.1.a) under the Public Health Order.  This means that they if their residence is in a Hotspot LGA they may leave their LGA provided that;
        • NO MOVEMENT if the employee is symptomatic – The employee is required to get a test and isolate at home, not coming into work at all – no matter if they are an Authorised Worker, if they have even the mildest symptoms
        • Movement is minimised - The employee is going directly to work and back to their LGA.  No incidental travel or contact outside of the LGA is allows, other than attending a COVID-19 testing clinic on the way to, or nearby the workplace.  Practically this means that any work tasks that the employee would usually have done (like going to the bank or post office or bakery etc, must not be done by these particular workers.  They are only allowed to leave their Hotspot LGA to be at work and contact with the community must be minimised as much as possible
        • Surveillance Testing is conducted – The employee must have been tested in the last 72h for COVID-19 as part of the surveillance testing program and carry evidence of their test to present to inspectors and managers (for more information see;
      • Businesses and staff face immediate penalties of between $1,000 and $5,000 in on the spot fines as well as prosecution (with higher penalties and jail time) for failure to abide by these requirements.
      • More information on Authorised Workers;



The feedback we are receiving is  it’s a lot tougher this time around, the next two week will be challenging and will put a lot of pressure on business.   Keep positive and do the fundamentals right.  


Stay in control of the areas you can influence;

1, Your  team’s moral and safety. Covid effects everyone differently don’t make the assumption all your team are OK  

  1. Your Covid procedure and process are understood, maintain and visible !!
  2. Your  customers experience into store,  Friendly service,  Good Coffee and Food, Discount Tobacco (The Local Tobacconist) and  promotions

4, Your inventory ,Over the next two weeks if you are financially stressed  just buy top sellers and main promotions in key categories. Tobbacco is where most of the inventory is held.  80% of your tobacco sales comes from 12 to 14 line.


Keep Positive,








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