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ACAPMA COVID-19 Roundup | as at 16:30 5/1/2021

Dear NSW Members,


ACAPMA has further clarification on NSW Covid requirement for  Service station


Contrary to the information sent out this morning. It appear now that normal service station (where food is not consumed on site) are NOT required to put in place a QR Code check in system. ACAPMA also have noted that this could change in the coming days. (see more detail below)


My recommendation is, if you have already put COVIDCheck in place then continue to use it.  If you have not yet set up the COVIDCheck (QR code system) you should seriously consider doing so.  I feel this will demonstrate to your customers that you are applying the highest level of care and duty to help keep the virus at bay in your local community.  


It may be a small inconvenience for the customer but I am sure they would understand the need and the importance of QR Code tracing. This system gives the NSW regulators confidence not to send us into lock down which is important to all of us.


Keep Safe and positive      

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