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ACAPMA COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:30 23/08/2021 (VIC)

Hi All,


Hope you are well, another day means another change to the health regulations. NSW is up to 46 Pages of  Covid Health Orders. At least it keeps  the Public Service busy.  On that, Why do they call them the Public Service when they only serve themselves , they should be called the self-serve.  


With 46 pages of Health Orders if Covid doesn’t  get you the police will.  I believe next year The University of Sydney  will be offering a degree in “”Writing COVID Health Orders”” ,  It’s a three year course and it will be run by The Faculty of Faulty Towers. The same Faculty where some of the world’s biggest problem have been solved,  such as,  “ How long is a piece of string ?,  well the answer is 46. Why do right handed screw driver only works anti-clockwise in the left hand ? (very controversial and one we should just leave alone, we should not be  anti-anything).   


The Faculty is close to solving the age old question,” How much wood can a wood-chuck cuck is a wood-cuck could cuck wood ?” It looks like the answer is 23 which happens to be  the same number as a “shit load” .. which works out to be ½ a piece of string !!!!  …. Wow so a wood cuck + a shit load = ONE piece of String or The NSW Covid Health Orders. … you see,  it’s amazing how the universe is connected in the most unusual ways. It give me great confidence that the Faculty of faulty towers  will work out this covid stuff in no time.   


ACAPMA Covid update below


Keep Safe, Keep Positive, Keep moving







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