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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 18/5/2020

Dear Retailers,

I hope you are all well,   we seem to be making good progress, more cars on the road as most states have commenced releasing the breaks on our social life.


However we are still in a constant state of change, what adds complexity is how each state continues to act independently from the Nation Cabinet, although they are part of the national cabinet….   The next 4 to 5 weeks will be critical and I am sure the government will be increasing  their focus and enforcement on social distancing. As Frustrating as this is it is important PLEASE DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT.  This week have visited Caltex, BP, EG and Coles Express company operated sites I was surprised to find they have done very little in social distancing.      


What follows is yesterday’s update from ACAPMA.  There are 3 key topics which I have summarised below .   


  1. The debate between site down and Road house restrictions . Each State has different guideline  ( see below) and ACAPMA is  working through the issues with each state.


  1. Covid 19  Safety Plan for members of ACAPMA , we are also working on this and we will publish simple template and have it out to you as soon as possible.  More Covid 19  material was sent out in the last point of sale pack.   Many of you have use the material in there stores, however its clear some haven’t, probably the members that don’t read my emails so…… I guess there is no point explaining how important this is to you cause you have done it.


  1. All staff should be trained on Corvid-19. I sent out the link earlier but here it is again, its FREE and it takes about ½ an hour to compete and at the end the employee have a greater understanding how to keep safe, The Staff member will  receive a certificate at the end which can be displayed in store, this  in turn will give your customers greater confidence about being served by your staff


Keep Safe,  Keep Positive 


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