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PART 3 of 5 ways to make Social Distancing a competitive advantage

Good Moring All,

It’s another bright, spectacular New Sunrise this morning, and here is a great new opportunity to start the day with to create a point of difference . 


We are putting together a 5 part series of practical and simple initiatives to create a competitive advantage during this crises. We want to help your store stand out from the C Store down the road.


The aim here is to be known as the C Store and petrol station in your local community which has the best Hygiene and Social Distancing practices to minimise the risk of spreading Covid -19, and to reassure customers, staff and the community you have the processes and systems in place to address all the critical points of contact and maximise social distancing from the pumps to the counter and back to the car.   


Just to Recap on Part 1 and 2

Part I; Cleaning and Sanitation Program Cards

We have created Cleaning and sanitation cards which are both customers facing and for staff awareness.  These cards have been added to your next point of sale kit which will be delivered this week.


Part 2;  Social Distance Floor Markers – with positive affirmation and Beyond Blue Logo

I mention this in my communication on Saturday. These will be printed on Wednesday,  with the aim to have them dispatched on Friday of this week.


Part 3  The loop Store – ONE WAY TRAFFIC


I also touched on this on Saturday and it’s encouraging to find out some retail members have already put this in place. 


The concept is simple, it’s about creating one way traffic flow in your store, where we will minimise the needs for customers to double back to join a que or to pass other customers as they leave the store, this will require a little remerchandising. Attached are three slides out lining the concept.


Slide ONE – Normal Queuing with distance markers

Shows how without clear directional signage and just distance markers on the floor, the likely hood of congestion is greater in a store, when we consider the three main paths to purchase ( the counter, the drink fridge and the coffee machine) all converging at the point of sale, a bottle neck is created by allowing normal  queuing  along the window or the fast lane.  This makes it very difficult to maintain social distancing.


Slide TWO -  The LOOP store … One Way Traffic

Shows how One way traffic arrows on the floor and queuing along the food counter or the front counter will reduce congestion, By having customers queuing along the counter instead of the fast lane we are able to reduce the need to double back, as well as, leaving a clear path for customers to exist the store.  


The greatest advantage is customers are forced to at least walk around the perimeter of the store  (the green Line),  and whitest standing next the coffee machine or the food counter may be enticed to purchase.


A few points to note

  • Yellow Tap to make arrows 
    • The most cost effective way is to buy non slip yellow tape from the local hardware store
  • Re Merchandising
    • We would need to consider how we remerchandise the store, so now it make sense to move the front gondola ends to the back of the store, our business manager can help you work this out.
  • Create a Physical Barrier at the front door so customers must move in the desired direction away from the counter, this can be done with a floor display or  High Cones and roped, or dump bins 

Slide 3  a one way traffic sign        

This can be customised as you see fit, I would suggest the message needs to start at the pumps and each pump would have this sign attached to it. It also  needs to be displayed at front door, your local printer would be able to print you a non-slip decal that can be placed at the entrance,  This sign highlights clear messaging about SHOP SAFE, Shop LOCAL and one way traffic.


I hope this all makes sense, if it doesn’t please do not hesitate to call me or your  Retail Business Manager


Part 4  of the series will be about HOME DELIVER  and Drive through  .. stay tuned


Until then please take care, keep safe, keep calm and keep POSITIVE 


DOWNLOAD: The Loop Store

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