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ACAPMA COVID-19 Roundup | as at 16:00 21/07/2020

Dear Retailers

here is the latest update from ACAPMA outlining new lock down measures  coming into effect today in Victoria and the surrounding boards


With all that is going on its still our time to shine.

  • Swim in your own lane, that is,  manage what is in your control .. Keep making your bed every day, don’t let the little daily tasks accumulate.  
  • Keep up your store standards. Promotions and value are more important than ever. Proving excitement and value to your community every day.   
  • Maintain social distancing in store,  maintain this discipline and your community will thank you for it.


We are local, we are safe and we care,  it’s in our DNA and it’s what makes us great  


Take Care, Keep positive.  The beers will be on ice soon and we are ordering  the steaks  




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