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ACAPMA COVID-19 Roundup | as at 09:30 8/7/2020

Dear Retailers,


This is the first update from ACAPMA for some time. It’s the latest information on border control, just in case you are interested in the detail.


I haven’t spoken to you for a while, just when we thought things were under control… they apparently are not. I have no doubt we are all getting tired of the hypocrisy and double standards applied by governments. We are told  protestors are not a problem, protestors are allowed to break the law.  It’s those undesirables that attend funerals or those going out fishing on the Mornington Peninsula….They are the problem.


I really feel for our Victorian members who have worked so hard and have done the right thing by their staff and their communities by doing everything that was asked of them. Just has we were seeing positive results the rug was pulled out from under them by a few unlawful protesters and a weak government. Unfortunately we also had a protest in Sydney last Saturday and we could also be in the same situation.    


Regardless, we need to focus on our customer experience... Remember the three major changes in customer behaviour  caused by  Covid.  (I know you are all loving BOOTCAMP)

  1. 1. Clean – people demand clean because Clean = Safe   
  2. Close – people do not want to travel far and want to avoid crowds because Close = Safe
  3. 3. Frugal – people are being more careful with their money and are seeking out value.


There is still a lot to be positive about and we are seeing a bounce back in all states as we progress back to pre Covid sales.


The new promotional mechanic of Frugal and Value appears to be working

  • Grocery Flags and recalibrating margin (Boot Camp Week 5) are being noticed  
  • Cheeky Tuesday is building momentum, the social media activity and the new window posters we sent out this moth has built awareness
  • The $2 Gondola End instead of the 2 for $4 offer also appears to be very successful, we are seeing customers picking up 3 or 4 items.


AS always we are all on deck and ready to help in any way we can


Please keep safe,  we are still planning on having that big BBQ soon and we are one day closer


Take Care    






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