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ACAPMA COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:15 17/8/2020

Hi dear retailers, I hope you all had a successful weekend.


The latest updates from ACAPMA follows, the main points are below, please scroll down for more details


  1. UPDATE JobKeeper
    Nomination Form – still awaiting ATO to update the form on the website


  1. SA gets COVID Marshals at venues


  1. WA Workers Compensation COVID Bill passes


  1. NSW COVID Marshal… still waiting on answer


Mark, Once again thankyou to you, Elisha and your ACAPMA team for keeping us informed, your team is doing an outstanding job in following up government at all levels.


Finally It’s good to see the Covid numbers dropping this weekend. Fingers crossed, the best medical advice (which ironically is different in every state) seems to be working.


Take care




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