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Steve's update : ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 24/4/2020

Dear retailers,


Attached is Fridays ACAPMA update,  


Dear Retailers


The lasted update on Job Keeper.


Point 2 of this update is particulate interesting,  

  • National COVID-19 Coordination Commission calls on businesses to restructure and reconfigure for ‘back to business


This is really positive news,  and we need to get ready, we need to understand how Covid19 have changed or influenced the customer experience and with that customers’ expectations.. There have been a lot of research done around the world over the last 12 weeks we will be able to draw on.  


Back To Business in 90 days…. Call me optimistic if you will, We are going to work with you to over the next 90 days in a  C-Store RETAIL BOOT CAMP……….


In my last update we talked about “setting your store up for success”. We would help you achieve this by providing you with some practical solutions to increase the customer experience, as well as, look to improve operational efficiencies, and take cost out of the retail operation


Boot Camp is about focusing and strengthen the core fundamental of retailing, being relevant to the current consumer needs , and finally delivering a customer experience good enough to share on face book.


Boot camp start of the 4th May, more information will  come out on Mondays Update


Keep  Safe,  Keep positive and Keep Local


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