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Just a Short Recap On Social Distancing Measures

Hi All,


I know we are all a little tired (understatement). I wont carry on, but I just wanted to give you a recap on the tools we have provided regarding social distancing. We felt the need to act quickly a couple of weeks ago. I apologise if it has seemed a little adhoc, but I think we are now better position to make our shops as safe as they can be and to give our valuable front line heroes, some protection and comfort.  We have acted on the information we had at hand, and for us, speed was the key.


What we have tried to do, is to give you and your store, a point of  difference. We were first to react with implementing counter shield screens.  We were quicker than all the majors, and from what I see, the only retail group that has taken a holistic and practical approach to this crises. Thank you for sharing your learnings, and allowing me to put all this together.  I am sure your customers will see and appreciate the effort you have made to keep them safe.  


Here is a summary of what we have in place so far and what to expect with additional point of sale coming out in the near future.     


  1. Staff Cleaning and Sanitation Cards: Printed in P4 Point of Sale Pack : Red side for employees and staff, Blue side for customer facing.

  1. The Counter Shield Guards

I am pleased that we have now delivered over 800 these. I am proud that we worked together on this to ensure your frontline team and customers feel safer in store. We still have shields available, if you haven’t ordered or would like a second one please lets us know .  

  1. The Loop Store Concept – Creating One Way Flow In Store: Managing store traffic flow direction to maximise social distancing


From entry, creating a “loop”varound store, so no crossing paths with other customers.

Using non slip tape  (from what I hear we are the only ones doing this at this point).

  • Making sure we have the 1.5 meter distances marked on the floor
  • One way Flow around the store
  • Queuing back along the counter

  1. Social Distancing  Sticker: Mailed out to all stores yesterday

Yesterday we have mailed out social distancing stickers for the pumps and the shop floor, they are also available on our Website if you want to print your own. This also includes a sticker to be palced externally (on pumps if possible) to communicate maximum number of people allowed in store at any time.

  1.  In P6 Point Of Sale Pack: Additional Social Distancing Point Of Sale


  • 1 x A3  ONE WAY TRAFFIC  Non Slip Floor Sticker  - To be placed at the front entrance To be place
  • 2 x A3  ONE WAY TRAFFIC HEADER CARD  - One for each door as you enter the store
  • 2 x  A3  Max store numbers - One for each door as you enter the store
  • 2 x  A4  Social distancing   Positive affirmation Floor  Decals non slip ( this time have the die cut)


See example below: Hopefully this will get the message across to all customers  

(Please excuse the mock-up. I am afraid our designer she will shoot me if I request more stuff on a Friday afternoon. P.S. That’s Tim Campbell shoot hoops in the refection at his newly branded store in Port Kembla)  


These measures are really important.  We want our staff to be protected and we want our customers to feel safest in our stores.


As always, if there is anything that we can do to further assist at this time, please let us know. I have additional ideas around innovation that I am keen to share next week.


We are all indeed in this together and you have my commitment, and that from each of my team members, that we will do whatever we can to support you during this time.

Stay safe and Stay positive.

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