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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 6/4/2020

Dear Retailers,


  1. Some interesting developments in SA ,  as each state premier continues do try and outdo each other to see who can send their state broke first,   SA has clearly taken the lead (see below).  

This  now adds another layer of complexity in operating in C Store , Walter from BP Edgewater  put in place a great  initiative that ensures staff are safe furthermore customers can be confident to shop in their sites.  Walter is conducting temperature check on  staff.  


Temperature Checking of Staff

  • All temperatures are measured upon commencing shift
  • Temperatures are checked again 4 hours into shift
  • Final temperature check at shift change
  • All temperatures are documented and signed off by another staff member to eliminate errors/dishonesty


  1. Job Keeper  Subsidy will pass through parliament on Wednesday, we should have a clearer picture of how this will be rolled out then   


Question is the Glass ½ full or ½ empty ?  ….. technically speaking its full  J 50% water and 50% air


Keep Safe, Keep sharing innovation and Keep rising up to every challenges thrown at us.   




DOWNLOAD: Body Temperature Log



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