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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 3/4/2020

Dear Retalers,  Here is the latest update from ACAPMA ,

  • There are more Q&A ‘s   - Its important you register NOW with the ATO for the Jobkeeper Subsity , the link is below
  • The Road House sarga continuses, as each state and the Fedreral government can not alaign the communication on the requlations .
  • Other than that nothing new for us,  The Feds are going to spend $800b on securing Medical Masks and equipment for medical staff and $10m on mental heatth….. hmmm?  

Anyway, I saw this on the way into work to day, I have never seen a double rainbow before. I had to stop and take a photo

Take Care, Keep Safe and Keep Positive


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