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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 29/4/2020

Dear Retails, below is yesterday’s update from ACAPMA, 


We see now each state government are starting to lift restrictions.  This is good news, I hope you all have registered and are on Covid 19 app, I am sure this will give government some comfort in deciding to  lift more restrictions. 


There has been a spike in Drive Off, Robbery’s and abusive behaviour

This appears to be in patches.  Speaking with a number of retailers at the AACS board meeting tonight it was alarming to hear what is happening in the market. 

  • BP have reported more robberies in the first quarter of this year than they have had in the full year of 2019
  • Victorian Metro store are experiencing a spike in drive off, as well as, people just unable to pay after filling their cars and asking if they can pay later.
  • CALTEX service station are also experience robberies, as well,  as abusive customer.  In one case a person robbed a store then returned a few minutes later and handed the money back, he apologies, he was desperate  


This is a very sad state,  a lot of people are out of work and as hard as it is for us all, there is always someone out there that is worst off. Unfortunately I fear as time goes on we are going to see more and more desperate people. I have and I am sure we all have a lot of empathy for people doing it tough but we cannot tolerate anything that will put our people or our business at risk.   


We need to think about this and how this will impact our people.  There are two areas in our business I suggest we all review over the next few days. 


  1. Review or train your staff in a method to de-escalate aggressive customers,

I am not suggesting its easy, however all staff need to know how to react to aggression . There are many methods, this is a method I was taught when I was a young Masters of Origami in a company called Caltex and I believe it is still used by Qantas today.

The acronym is LAST   

Listen – to what the person has to say

Acknowledge -  I am really sorry you feel that way,  or I am really sorry this has happened to you  

Solve – is there anything I can do ? , if not ….. I will let my manager know

Thank , thank you for letting me know


Also review you teams understanding of how to behave in a robbery.  The method I was taught when I was a young lion trainer in the circus called  7eleven

  1. Step back
  2. Look down and show the palms of your hands
  3. Say I don’t want trouble…..
  4. if they are aggressive, pull them in close,  knee them in the nuts and then run ( I added point 4)


I am not saying you use these methods, I am just sharing methods I know.      


  1. Security

Please review security and security procedure around your store.  Such as

  • Store opening and closing procedure.
  • Make sure all security equipment is working,
  • Cameras are clean and the recording is clear
  • Cameras are facing in the right direction 
  • Test alarms
  • Make sure contact numbers are update
  • Ensure staff are doing regular safe drops
  • Tobacco inventory, is kept to a min and tobacco in the store room is stored in a locked cabinet.   
  • Back door is ALWAYS locked. 
  • CCTV Security signage is very clearly visible to all customers at the pumps , the entrance and at the counter


    I truly hope you and your people do not experience any of this.


Wishing you all a safely and good health, Keep positive  


Take Care



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