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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 16/4/2020

Hi all,

This is a must read update,  which outlines a criterial path and an action plan for Jog Keepers, The legislation goes live on the 20th of this month,  its important that you have registered with the ATO. Please scroll down all the way.


I have a few more articles I want to send out to night which I feel may help


  1. online Covid 19 Training session for all employee    


Takes about ½ an hour to compete and at the end the employee have a greater understanding how to keep safe, My understanding (which means I haven’t done it)  is they receive a certificate at the end which can be displayed in store, this  in turn will give your customers greater confidence about being served by your staff


  1. Counselling Service By PML

Last night, Philip Morris launched a free and confidential counselling service as well as access to other general services such as financial coaching and introductory legal advice. This 5 session offer from the Philip Morris provider ‘Assure’.  This is a great initiative by  PML, its shows a lot of empathy from a large company, I hope you don’t need it but just incase  

Note: The EDM has been sent to all members that are registered on the Philip Morris Trade Portal.


  1. Consumer Behaviour changed Webinar next Monday and invitation will be sent out soon  


Good night, please keep safe, positive and most of all awesome

We are all one more day closer to that family BBQ J



Download: JobKeeper Fictional Example


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