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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 15/4/2020

Dear Retailers,

I haven’t bothered you all for a few days, I hope you have had a great trading period of Easter and this update finds you well and in good spirits.  Below is the latest update from ACAPMA


Last week we had a live a Q&A with Mark Mackenzie from  ACAPMA,  If you would like to see again the whole interview is on our Website. Please feel free to share with friends or business associates who is running a small business you feel might get some value out of it.


NEXT MONDAY WEBINAR at 11am   ……   The IMPACT the Corona Virus has had on the C-Store industry in Australia.

AACS has commissioned a study on how Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour and the impact this has had on the C Store industry. This is hot off the press and we have asked Corinne Barclay to share learning from this study and how we can practically use these insight in our business.   We hope you can join us.  A link will be sent out soon.


Wish you all good health




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