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ACAPMA Daily COVID-19 Roundup | as at 17:00 1/4/2020

Good Morning,  another fine day ahead, and trust you are all well  


Yesterday’s April Fool’s Joke was ,   “Bottle shops would be shut down”, this created a run on the bottle shops. The wife fell for it and bought me a couple of cases of beer.  This was a first, not only that she carried them into the house ….FANTASTIC.. best April fool’s joke ever.


There is some good news , we can see the amount of cases report has dropped to about 125 cases yesterday, this is encouraging, these drastic measures enforced by the governments  are having an impact.

Elisha from ACAPMAs daily update follows,  please take the time to read the summary, MORE  Good News is Road Houses can have sit down dinning, which is a big win.


I know many are struggling with supply from TDs and Metcash , we are all working hard talking to our suppliers to make sure they are setting stock aside for us.  The problem is Coles and WW sucking up our inventory  creating undue pressure on our supply chain.  ACAPMA has been lobbying hard we are getting traction all be it slow I am sure it will improve soon.   


Stay Safe and Keep positive, that’s one more day closer to the Family BBQ J



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