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Petrol Station & Convenience Store Program

Petrol & Convenience Buying and Promotional Program

Independent small businesses often do not have the time, resources, and sometimes the capability to keep up with the latest trends, the proliferation of new products, and new equipment, let alone building strong business partnerships, while delivering a consistent promotional and local marketing program. At New Sunrise, we help you manage all of this to help you.

Buy Better
  • More discounts and rebases from more suppliers across more categories
  • Best Sellers and core range recommendations
  • New Lines deals
  • Bulk Pallet Deals
Sell Smarter
  • Structured tactical promotional program
  • Eye catching point of sale
  • Consumers Promotions and Competitions
  • Digital Advertising
  • Branding Options
Bank More
  • Reduce time spent on dealing with suppliers to organise deals
  • Improve inventory stock turn and reduce inventory
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase gross margin dollars banked

Let us help you “Buy Better, Sell Smarter and Bank More with us”

All Petrol & Convenience stores, Corner Stores and Road houses are welcome to join this programme.

We deal with over 100 suppliers, and have negotiated discounts on the back of our collective bulk buying capability. These discounts and promotional deals come straight off your invoice so you can see what you are saving straight away.

New Sunrise helps you buy better. We’re a bulk buying group that helps you make informed decisions so you can stock the right products, ensuring that your store is merchandised to meet the needs of the modern convenience shopper. More importantly we help you sell smarter by assisting you remerchandise your store. We call this setting your store up for success.

Great Promotional Program that Drives Sales and Builds loyalty with your customers  

Today’s convenience store shoppers expect to see promotions in a convenience store.

New Sunrises delivers a structured promotional program which consists of 13 promotional periods.  Each Promotional period members receive a comprehensive promotional program point of sale (POS) pack consisting off:

  1. Promotional Advice called “On Promo”, detailing each promotion, the discount for each promotion, hints on how best to display the promotional point of sale, as well as the buying period and industry information link to what’s on promo.

    The promotional program covers all key categories, such as cold beverage, food and the go, coffee, milk, bread, confectionery, tobacco, salty snacks, ice cream, telco and general merchandise.

    On Promo carries a wealth of other information that keeps you up to date with what is new in the industry, new products, new people, insights, trends and ways to improve your categories performance price changes.   

  2. The Point Of Sale (POS), is critical to grab your customer’s attention. Our POS will do that and you will be able to present your promotional product in a very professional and eye catching manner. Each period, we send out packs with all the POS to decorate your store, typically, you’ll see this:

    - From the entrance
    - Gondola ends
    - Drink fridges

    Which, would typically consist of:

    - Large posters
    - Gondola end cards
    - Pump crowner cards
    - Fridge stickers
    - Hot food POS

  3. Good Food Fast Magazine

    Food on the go, or food service, has become an important part of a modern convenience store offer. This magazine will help you develop your food sales and is designed for roadhouses and cafes, but can also be used in other retail formats. Members can access this through our Members Portal.
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