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Passport to Profit Rewards Program

p2p loyalty program

This tried and proven program drives retail sales by maximising and optimising promotional activation, and rewards retailers for their purchases via preferred partners and manufacturers.

Now in its 8th year, retailers that are currently part of this program have experienced growth ahead of the market, with high retailing standards which are equal to any chain or franchise promotional system. Backed by strong category promotions, tactical activity and quality store standards, members of the Passport to Profit Program have excelled ahead of Australian convenience market.

Passport to Profit Promotional Program  

This is a Structure retail program, we believe as good as any franchised or company operated Promotional Retail System.

Passport to Profit is an exclusive incentive retail program that recognises and rewards retail excellence. The program is proven and has been successfully for retailers for 14 years.  Members of this program have greater sales growth than regular New Sunrise members.

Members of the Passport to Profit program is a benchmark best practice promotional program, we invest more in point sales and consumer promotions. Passport to Profit requires a higher level of partnership and collaboration but with that members you will also unlock more deals, more rebates, a chance to go to the oversea study tour called iceworks. However the best part of this program will build retail sales growth.

Only the best stores are invited to join the passport to profit program.  Stores must meet a minimum purchase criteria of $200,000 purchased from preferred suppliers and must meet minimum in store activation standards.

Passport to profit is not difficult to comply , it about rewarding best practice and partnership with the suppliers who invest in your business

  Passport to Profit Members Benefits 
  1. More Consumers Promotions to excite your customers -  create customer prizes from instant Win where a customer is rewarded with an instant prize!

    New Sunrise will offer members additional rebates and discount over and above the buying group discount and rebates. As the ability to earn up to two fully funded tickets to our overseas study tour.

    These rebates are paid quarterly in arrears and are dependent on the successful activation of promotional activity.  The activation will be measured monthly either by a self-audit or an independent auditor.
  1. More promotional material - such as bollards and counter units.

  2. More digital activity - more social media activity in areas where we have passports to profit members. 

  3. More Promotional Hardware to build every more excitement and sales opportunities.

  4. Incentive Overseas Study Tour - over the last 12 year we have gone to some very exciting placed and have experience events that money cannot  buy, however iceworks is a lot more than a study tour, It is a place where we measure our performance , look back at promised made in our business sessions. Iceworks is also about recognising  rewarding great innovation and performance at our awards night the “Snow Ball”. 
The Criteria  of the Passport to Profit incentive program are:
  1. Purchases from our supply partners min of $200,000 per year (excluding tobacco) 

  2. Be linked to our digital promotional activity

  3. Take part in the New Product Express program. This is an allocation of stock of new lines to a store. The product comes with a money back guarantee  and store have the option to opt out of each allocation

  4. Display Point of Sale as outlined in On Promo  store promotional advice)

  5. Use promotional hardware as outlined in On Promo.

(Note this program is voluntary and optional)   

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Simplified – Customised – Optimised

Passport to Profit is an exclusive incentive and rewards program, developed and run exclusively by New Sunrise, to recognise and reward retailing excellence.

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