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Buying & Retail Programs

Bulk Buying Groups

We don’t think one size fits all, we have small cafes in the middle of Sydney and large roadhouses in the middle of the Nullarbor, We provide a flexible base program from which you can build from. You can take part in one or all three programs, it’s your choice!

New Sunrise - Retail Store

Petrol Station & Convenience Store

Independent small businesses often do not have the time, resources and sometimes the capability to keep up with the latest trends, the proliferation of new products, new equipment,

Passport to Profit - New Sunrise Rewards Program

Passport to Profit Rewards Program

Passport to Profit is an exclusive incentive and rewards program, developed and run exclusively by New Sunrise, to recognise and reward retailing excellence.

Cafe & Food Service

Cafe & Food Service

All cafes, Roadhouses or Food Service operators are welcome to join and take advantage of the discounts and rebates available from a large majority of preferred suppliers, manufactures and service providores.

Our Mission is to set your store up for success through bulk buying.

By delivering a world class retail program to help independents and family business leading the way in innovative Convenience Store retailing

The petrol and Convenience store Industry is very competitive. In this fast moving environment New Sunrise are able to support Independent, small businesses and convenience stores with the insights, category data, planograms, best sellers and a very competitive buying price.

New Sunrise has very strong strategic and working relationships with all major FMGGs, food service suppliers and manufacturers. New Sunrise is without double the best convenience store buying group in Australia.

New Sunrise offers independent convenience store retailers three different programs that are flexible to meet your market and strategic needs. New Sunrise offers members:

  1. A petrol and Convenience store buying group and promotional program
  2. An incentive and rewards partnership program called ‘’Passport to Profit”
  3. A food service and café program  

New Sunrise is Australia’s Best Independent Retail Promotions and Buying Group for Petrol Stations & Convenience Stores

Our collective bulk buying power has the capacity to work with around 1000 convenience stores. New Sunrise is one of the biggest buying retail networks and bulk buying groups in Australia, being voted the best independent buying group in 2019 (by Convenience Measures Australia).

With 1000 convenience stores nationwide, we have enormous bulk buying power from all the major suppliers, across all categories:

  • Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Tobacco
  • Snacks
  • Grocery 
  • Milk
  • Coffee 
  • and so much more

In fact, we have more discounts and rebates from more suppliers than any other independent buying group.

New Sunrise helps you buy better. We help you make informed decisions so you can choose the right products and ensure that your store is merchandised to meet the needs of the modern convenience shopper. More importantly, we assist you sell smarter by helping you remerchandise your store, we call this “setting your store up for success”. We’re a strategic buying group that helps your business grow. If you want to grow faster, get in touch today!

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