Last year EJ Management P/L met with Simon Hayes , the NSG Business Manager for Sydney Metro. After discussions with Simon, we realised that NSG had a similar focus to us and understood how we needed to drive our business.

At the time we were using a different Promotional Program. but could see the advantages of moving over to New Sunrise Group. It is without doubt the best decision we have made. We are seeing 25% shop growth vs last year and the majority of this can be attributed to the New Sunrise Group. I have several businesses with different petrol companies, and therefore I can compare New Sunrise to what the other are doing.

The mechanics of their promotions are equal to if not better than all of the other promotional programs. In particular the Reverse Fuel Offer has been outstanding, showing staggering results.
I look forward to NSG’s 2013  innovations.

Tony Nader

New Sunrise have been TASCO Petroleum’s preferred retail buying group for just over 8 years now.  Throughout that time, honest & open two-way communication has lead to a relationship that has proven to deliver exceptional customer service, innovative thinking, attention to the financial outcome & most importantly, trust.

I would have no hesitation recommending New Sunrise to any Petrol & Convenience retailer wanting to improve their overall offer.

Evan Newell 
Retail Manager, TASCO Inland Australia Pty Ltd

New Sunrise has been a vital part of our retail business for the last several years. They have helped enormously in improving our bottom line with the provision of price maintenance for all our sites.

This is no doubt the most onerous and time consuming task in retail and to have it monitored so closely and reliably is a benefit which is difficult to value.
The friendly reliable assistance which is always available to my staff, makes doing business with New Sunrise, easy and pleasurable.

I cannot thank you enough for the relationship that John H. Jones has with New Sunrise, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.
Your ideas and approach are innovative, interesting and financially rewarding, which is a good indication of the effort you put into keeping your customers happy.
John Jones
John H. Jones, Managing Director